About the Book

LIT – a Dark Urban Fantasy in a city that could be anywhere. Leviathans, invisible monstrous humanoids that attach themselves to humans and feed off their emotions. Their human Conduits live in constant fear of becoming angry with someone, for if they do the person or persons that were the focus of that rage become LIT. Giving the Leviathans licence to take them into their own nightmarish realm of torture for all eternity.

The main characters are Ellie , Sam and a new Conduit, eight year old Joshua . Each with their own surreal abomination attached to them. Bael, The Dark Child and Josh’s Monster Dog. They are initially unknown to each other and a series of events bring them together. Ellie finds herself caring for the vulnerable and innocent Josh. These three characters find each other and begin to form a bond before the upcoming event known as The Circle; one night a year when the Leviathan can take their own Conduit as their own.

During the night of the Circle, they must rely on each other. They face nightmares, both mentally and physically, as their Leviathans try to break them. They all find strength in their new friendships.