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“If your simmering rage could look back at you, what would it look like? You would expect death…ultimately wish for it…but it would never come They don’t want you to die. Death is final and they want forever…”

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About the Book

LIT – a Dark Urban Fantasy in a city that could be anywhere. Leviathans, invisible monstrous humanoids that attach themselves to humans and feed off their emotions. Their human Conduits live in constant fear of becoming angry with someone, for if they do the person or persons that were the focus of that rage become LIT. Giving the Leviathans licence to take them into their own nightmarish realm of torture for all eternity.

The main characters are Ellie , Sam and a new Conduit, eight year old Joshua . Each with their own surreal abomination attached to them. Bael, The Dark Child and Josh’s Monster Dog. They are initially unknown to each other and a series of events bring them together. Ellie finds herself caring for the vulnerable and innocent Josh. These three characters find each other and begin to form a bond before the upcoming event known as The Circle; one night a year when the Leviathan can take their own Conduit as their own.

During the night of the Circle, they must rely on each other. They face nightmares, both mentally and physically, as their Leviathans try to break them. They all find strength in their new friendships.



About the Author

Mark Anthony is a Registered Nurse who produced this work in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurse by day, writer by night, he created a world containing both hope and fear. This is the first book of the LIT series, a psychological, supernatural urban horror that allows expression of both the best and worst from normal people.

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How did the idea for this book come to you? What inspired the LIT series?

A nightmare many years ago. One of those dreams you ponder all day. Only this became bigger and started to create a whole world around it, a whole Lore. Demons, monsters attached to people with one goal… to cause harm by using their persons emotions against them. The question of if you knew your anger would condemn someone to an eternity of torture, how would you live? Was intriguing.

You wrote this book during the COVID-19 Pandemic. What was that like?

The world was a scary place. So many fears and so many uncertainties. I had just returned from Europe when everything started blowing up. Being a frontline worker, I think I channelled that fear and that tension that was surrounding me into an idea. Creating another world that was even darker than the real one we all found ourselves in! It was a form of escapism all the same. But the atmosphere and the surrealism of a world turned dormant by a threat was conducive to letting my imagination run wild.

What do you hope readers get from reading LIT?

Scared! Also a sense of the strength of the characters and basically a read that you don’t want to put down. It’s a great mix of horror and adventure with diverse, engaging characters. As a reviewer stated,

“It’s the kind of rare book that when you put it down, you spend the day thinking about the characters and what may happen next”.


“It’s the kind of rare book that when you put it down, you spend the day thinking about the characters and what may happen next”.

– Five Star Confirmed Reader Review of LIT

“An astonishingly gripping read that grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let you go until the end! Dark and clever with such depth and thought for the characters I’m literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book!”

– Five Star Confirmed Amazon Reader of LIT

“Story of three characters surviving a dark force from another dimension. A story of surviving your worst emotions and the price you pay.

-Five Star Goodreads Review of LIT

“This is a wonderfully developed, richly atmospheric story. The demons (Leviathans) emerge in an eerie and unsettling way that becomes more frightening as the story progresses. The two main adult characters, Ellie and Sam, were a bit unlikeable to me during certain parts, however, those few unlikeable traits/decisions added to their individual character development which ultimately made them well-rounded, realistic characters. Josh, a kid who is the third main character, behaves as you would expect a normal kid to react considering the traumatic and intense circumstances he faces. He’s a sensitive and wholesome child who adds a touching aspect to the narrative.”

Four Star Goodreads Review of LIT

Completely terrifying and at times, deeply touching. The words diverse, gritty and real come to mind. The world created in Lit is evil and vicious, the three dimensional characters within it are plunged into a world that seems bleak and hopeless. The characters are strong, the terrifying plot building along with the tension. It is contemporary, new and fresh which is so needed in literature. The demons in the story are “old school” evil and they exist surreally in connection with normal, everyday people. The constant contrast of good and evil, pure and impure is consistent and captivating. The book takes you on three unique journeys with the same nightmare and then slams the picture together. Fantastic work…waiting on the next?

– Five star Confirmed Amazon reader Goodreads Review of LIT

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